Casino Free SpacePractice makes a man perfect. Golden words truly. Hello there mates, and welcome to A realm that contains my fruity bits of the forbidden knowledge. You might be wondering that whence I managed to get my hands on this sacred entity once was the craving of Lucifer.  Or maybe it still is. I can’t comment on this since I haven’t heard from him for a good while. Well, I don’t claim to be anywhere near Adam or Eve but trust me; I have had relations with the subordinates of the second party involved when our forefathers are being expelled from Eden.

Relax a bit mates, I haven’t sell my soul yet. The idea was tempting though. It’s just that I like to do things on my own terms and conditions. My dreams of flying like a peacock in the vast array of skies have already been shattered as I am a working-class guy and already have a boss, I’d surely mind having another master just for a change. So, there’s that. And I Hope you guys didn’t mind when I was bragging about myself. It’s just an old habit and quite like all the old habits, it’s difficult to call it quits. Now the fun part is over, let’s head to the battleground.

Casino Free SpacePractice is only the consistent utilization of one’s scholarly limits (Please Don’t fear this scholarly tone as it will be fading away shortly) Practice begins from the time we are conceived, Yes, It’s true. We all do it especially when we are in our childhood and we don’t even know that our learning and adopting skills are being developed. We start to practice multiple aspects, like understanding facial expressions, talking, drawing, singing, eating et cetera. But at that time our rational mind isn’t active much.  Later in life, as we grow older, our rational mind starts poking around our subconscious. This then results in taking precise care of our behavior, understanding and getting closure of our inward and outward surroundings including our subject matter “practice”. It’s the same as we were practicing in our childhood but the key difference here that now we are in the clear that we are adopting a certain set of skills. It’s now in our cognitive consciousness. Our cognitive consciousness eases many paradoxes as we are being certain to attain anything valuable to our own interests. While it contains a great benefit yet it poses obstacles in our approach too. We’ll be addressing this too along further. In the course of our life, we are presented with numerous problems we have to deal with. It takes only practice to get us accustomed to try and address every problem or concern with what we have in store.